April 16, 2012
Genting Getaway!


Relax time means a little getaway for Dada & I. We’re on the grassland coach on the way to Genting! Jackpot machines here me/we come!

Waking up at 6am and a 8hours journey is no joke! Gotta feel as comfy as possible! So here I am, in my makeup-less face and glasses! Hehehe!

Break time & first meal in Malaysia, ramly burger! You know what… it taste better in Singapore. Why does it taste better in SG when it’s suppose to be created in Malaysia?!

And Dada’s still looking stoned from the long bus ride. Haha!

Finally after much delays due to bad weather… we reached Genting!

Miniature replica of Genting.

& Here’s Genting’s version of Statue of liberty greeting us. Haha

At First World Hotel, you have to take queue numbers to check in… Seriously? This is the first time I experience this. Ridiculous much?

Ohwell, can’t expect much since we only paid $88 per person for 3D2N. Our main purpose was casino anyway! We figured, a getaway would be better than to spent 100 bucks to get into the casino in marina bay sands or RWS!

Waiting is so not my thing!

Dada when to get me my favorite vanilla ice blended while waiting… and you know what? You gotta pay extra for whip cream at Starbucks in Malaysia. -__-”

When up to put our things in the room. Reached our floor, I looked out and saw the view!

The scenery from our room is another case. But that wasn’t the biggest problem… the whole room was! A NIGHTMARE!

I almost cried I tell you! I can’t stand dirty hotel rooms, that’s why my mum always brings me to 5star hotels when we go on holidays.

But I manage to suck it up after complaining for about… an hour? Haha! Thank god, my boyfie was in a good mood so he could tolerate my nonsense. He was even surprising comforting and was in fact the reason how I manage to forget my “princess illness” for this trip.

Washed up, put on my contacts lens, super love these lenses! If you wonder, it’s the Hyper anniversary in blue. The weather was so cooling, it made my face look so flawless. I didn’t even need to put stuff on my face! Just applied mascara!

Look at my love… he never leaves his phone! He just can’t part with his games! Tsk tsk

Food time! ….. I think everyone should know this… the food here… SUCKS! PERIOD. It’s cold, taste bad, and I’m worried about the hygiene.

After a bit of exploring, nothing much to do. We when back to the room, and I saw this beautiful sunset… This is probably the prettiest thing in Genting. It feels like your in the sky… which maybe we were? Since genting is 6000 feet above sea level.

After a short nap we woke up in the middle of the night to go to the casino! Felt hungry and the only place open was the fastfood outlets. So we decided to try their local fastfood called marrybrown, and… it was actually incredibly good! Super yum yum yum!

Forget about eating elsewhere, Marrybrown is love love love! We ended up having Marrybrown for breakfast, lunch and dinner even! Omg, I’m missing it right now!

Hot fudge sundaes tasted better than in SG, cornetto sundaes. Why don’t we have it in SG!

After casino we when to visit the “Ripley’s believe it or not!” thingy.

Kinda interesting stuff inside… but really… I love this mirror mostly!

Looky and my big goo goo eyes & alien head! HELLO! I’m retarded! HAHA

Super cuteeeee! I wanna get a mirror like this in my room!

Anyway, fun’s over, time to get back to business… Casino time!

Dada’s caribbean stud was too expensive to bet, so we tried a game called “Big Small” instead, and I won 500RM on the first bet! 10RM into 500RM, not bad at all! ^___^

And this is the main reason why casinos makes me happy… JACKPOT PARTY!

So that’s it. Seriously nothing to do in genting apart from casino. So we were just at the casino all day & night.

Just a side note, I’m not addicted to gambling! I’m just playing for fun!

February 20, 2012
Batam Retreat ♥

Goodbye Singapore!

Our first trip out of the country together. ♥ Let’s call this a rendezvous. Haha

Hollywood style! lol

The view outside our window, you can see the ferry from here cause the hotel is just right next to the terminal.

BIG HUG! Kept me so comfy to sleep, I wanted to steal it when I left. ^_^

This is just across the street from the hotel. A giant mall. But this building was kinda creepy, I felt the bridge to the building shake & everytime someone walked pass me, I felt a little vibration on the floor. I know the building isn’t gonna fall (I hope) but got me a little worried still.

Yingy ♥

Jojo Lai ♥

Elisa The Fishy ♥

That. Milkshake. Was. Coffee. Got. #Cheated. By. Name. Of. It. Cookies&Cream. NOT.

I learnt how to swim here!

Havaianas is love ♥

Dinner time! That terrible place serves the worse steak I’ve ever had in my life.

But the best mango smoothie ever!

Our last feast in Batam. Just the two of us, the other 2 was still sleeping. Haha.

My lovely girls, 16 years of friendship and many many more to go! I love you my shit queens. ♥ ♥ ♥

June 11, 2011
29052011: 4th Anniversary.

I love you Mister Korrey Tan and I’ll love you even when my heart stops beating. ♥
(I know it sounds creepy. And it’s meant to be. But yea. You know you love me dada.)