February 20, 2012
Batam Retreat ♥

Goodbye Singapore!

Our first trip out of the country together. ♥ Let’s call this a rendezvous. Haha

Hollywood style! lol

The view outside our window, you can see the ferry from here cause the hotel is just right next to the terminal.

BIG HUG! Kept me so comfy to sleep, I wanted to steal it when I left. ^_^

This is just across the street from the hotel. A giant mall. But this building was kinda creepy, I felt the bridge to the building shake & everytime someone walked pass me, I felt a little vibration on the floor. I know the building isn’t gonna fall (I hope) but got me a little worried still.

Yingy ♥

Jojo Lai ♥

Elisa The Fishy ♥

That. Milkshake. Was. Coffee. Got. #Cheated. By. Name. Of. It. Cookies&Cream. NOT.

I learnt how to swim here!

Havaianas is love ♥

Dinner time! That terrible place serves the worse steak I’ve ever had in my life.

But the best mango smoothie ever!

Our last feast in Batam. Just the two of us, the other 2 was still sleeping. Haha.

My lovely girls, 16 years of friendship and many many more to go! I love you my shit queens. ♥ ♥ ♥

June 11, 2011
29052011: 4th Anniversary.

I love you Mister Korrey Tan and I’ll love you even when my heart stops beating. ♥
(I know it sounds creepy. And it’s meant to be. But yea. You know you love me dada.)