April 7, 2012
At-Sunrice: Spice Odyssey

Warning: The following post is overwhelm with lots of food! View with caution!

At boyfie’s graduation project thingy!

Gonna start the post with a photo of, Dada & I! ♥

TADAAA! The love of my life! Hoho!

Alright, now let’s start with the food!

Doing his presentation speech for his dish. He has the common phobia “stage fright”, thus the nervous look! Poor him, but he still did an amazing job ya! ^___^

This was his dish description thingy. I heard many compliments for it during the tasting! One of the invited chef even said it was perfectly done!

Here’s his dish!! Followed by his group mates. So pretty looking yea? ^___^

I marked them 10 for everything! Hoho, I might sound bias but the truth is I really thought they were the best, whether a not Dada being part of the group!

Another group’s dishes. I love love love the stuff puri!

Menu for the next group. Very comfy feeling coming into this room, spa-ish theme?

This group had a “mafia” theme, which was really cool and they almost killed me that day cause I was sick and was given a vodka infused watermelon! Hahaha not their fault, my greedy hands shouldn’t have stuff everything into my big mouth!

I’m very amazed by that chocolate in a teacup shape! Must’ve took alot of effort to make it! It looks super pretty in reality, my camera didn’t do it justice! looks nothing like it!

Very cute names for the menu too! Hahaha

And finally the last group.

So presenting you the little chefs that made the all those lovely foods above! My chef boy and his classmates! ^____^

Can you please tell me how am I ever gonna lose weight? I’m always fed with such wonderful foods. I used to be inferior of the size that I am. But ever since I met my boy, every year I’m putting on even more weight! But strangely, I don’t see my size as an issue anymore. I’ve put on 25kg’s over the years being with my chef boy, and I’m still happy, happier even. You know what? I’m actually happy being fat! I get to feast without worrying about gaining a pound or two, since I’m already fat how to be worried?!

Okay okay, I would be lying saying that I don’t want to be slim. Which girl doesn’t want to have a hot bod? But seriously I rather not if I had to give up my food. Sounds fair? Keke. Doesn’t mean I won’t try to lose weight still! I still have to stay healthy to enjoy more food ya?! ^___^ So I make a vow here… for every feast I have I’ll do at least 30mins of work out! Enjoy your food with a healthy lifestyle!

Anyway, I’m so proud of you my love! I love you to bits! ♥ ♥ ♥