March 17, 2012
Morton’s The Steakhouse

We were suppose to have ramen at Ippudo but I suddenly had a strong craving for steak. So, Dada immediately made a reservation at Morton’s and we made our way there!

Located at Mandarin Oriental, Morton’s was said to be one of the best or even the best steakhouse in Singapore. (or is CUT better?)

And we reached!

Here’s the dinner menu outside the restaurant. I’m actually not surprise of the prices for the steak, I’ve had steaks that cost over 200bucks. But the sides actually shocked me! Shouldn’t sides come with the main course?!

Hungry us waiting for our food to be served. *starving* >___<

We no like waiting! >___<

And then… they decided to serve us bread, a huge one in fact. Almost as big as his head! & it tasted really good!

Finally! Our steak is served! ^___^ Dada was like “It’s about time!”

He couldn’t wait to tuck in! & My camera’s flash finally decided to work. tsk

*YUMMY!* Look at how huge our steak was! We both took ribeyes & baked potato with lotsa butter, sour cream & bacon bits for our side! Even the potato was massive! ^___^

Dada was actually shocked of the size. We asked the waiter again for the weight of the steak, and then we realized that we just had more than 400grams of meat! And if that doesn’t sound alot to you.. normally other places serve only 200-240grams. So we just had double the portion! and to think, I almost ordered the porterhouse which is nearly 600grams! *phew*

Feeling contented after a great steak & this is definitely THE BEST steak I’ve had. For the first time I had troubles swallowing food, but it tasted so good I couldn’t stop trying! Savory, juicy & cooked just right! LOVES♥! ^___^ on a side note, the next time at morton’s, order the porterhouse and share it!

My happy contented boy trying to take a self shot too! Haha!

And that’s not the end!!

After dinner we when for a walk in marina square and guess what?!

We found my Arpakasso’s there! & we caught it with only 2 tries! ^____^ my fake llama family is growing! But it was out of stock that day, so we had to go back another day to collect it.

And guess what happen that day we collected it?! ….

I found SHELLIEMAY in one of the machines!

*HAPPINESS* ^____^