February 14, 2012
Mascara love ♥

Who needs falsies when mascara can do the trick?

I’m using Lancome ÔSCILLATION Vibrating Infinite Power Mascara.

I honestly didn’t like this mascara at start, I bought it only cause I got curious of the vibrating function. But after using this a couple of times, I actually started to love it so much that I even used it more than my usual, previous-loved Dollywink.

I love how it look so natural and feels so light! The vibrating wand makes it so easy to evenly apply, therefore reduces clumps! The brush is really slim too, so it makes applying on bottom lashes much easier.

If my memory isn’t failing me, it’s $68 at Sephora.

Anyway! Here’s my fake lama again! My herd of fake lamas will arrive soon! I hope.

I’m in love with Arpakasso! ♥