January 2, 2012
Happy 2012 ♥

How was everyone’s new year? Mine was pretty much in front of the computer screen & visiting Chuck Bass in my dreams. I would say Ed Westwick but the image in my dream was too Chuck to be Ed and I pretty much like the character Chuck not much Ed. Well… it’s not like I can see him in reality right? A girl can only dream! Just not cheat. And even if I cheated, IN A DREAM… I don’t see any problem there! But no, I would NEVER cheat! I’ll kill myself if I do.

The dream was pretty much just a lot of staring and stoning… and omg, just made myself sound like some obsessed stalker. In my defense, his one of the hottest thing alive! Apart from Raymond Lam, see I’m still a asian lover. + The massive amount of woman I’m crazy about, that includes mostly Victoria Secret models, Leighton Meester and many more. Though, still, no one can win Taylor Lautner. But the point is… It’s bound to happen!


Had hotpot with my family but minus my favorite boy, that had to work till 2am. My poor boy! Stinking restaurant always over working my cutest chef boy in the world! But it’s okay, my love, It’ll be alright. I’ll reward you soon for your hardworking lifestyle. ♥

Hot pot! Hot pot! Hot pot! Sissy & I wanted laksa! Therefore we get laksa!

Round 1:

Special appearance of a rare visitor, my wonderful bro and his awkward ‘cannot be empty handled when visiting someones home’ morals. Therefore, I ended up with a box of TWG’s macarons, which my sister ate up instantly and a bottle of Moscato white wine. *Cough* Make me feel bad only!

I think my bro is so damn sweet. Specially travelling all the way down just to spend new years eve with me. Wasting time, watching stupid lame ass Captain America and I fell asleep yet he didn’t complain. After that he still had to rush down from one side of the island to the other to meet his friends.

The beauty of 12years of friendship ya! Where can I ever find someone like you? (Apart from my boyfriend) That’s why I always say having guy-pals are the best. And who said a straight man and a woman can’t be friends? I think we are living examples. We will NEVER fall for one another, yet we can talk so much shit and even have heart to heart conversations.



My new years eve was…


I’m blessed.

Thank you for everything.