September 12, 2010
At Hongkong

I’m staying at the Nikko Hotel in Kowloon. My room has super nice scenery, the sea and the landscape of Hongkong. Paid HK250 for internet, front desk lied! their “free” wireless can only access their website! argh.

When Disneyland in the afternoon. I felt like a kid again. Super super happy, smiled like a nutcase!

Watched cantonese opera in the night, mummy’s friend couldn’t make it and she didn’t want to waste the ticket so kinda insisted I watched with her. Was a good experience, lucky it was a opera with modern touch in it, was about Ci Xi Empress Dowager. Lisa Wong Ming Chuen, was the role of Empress Dowager. I didn’t even know she was a opera singer! HA! She’s one of my favorite HK actress, I love her in 我的野蠻奶奶, super cute!

I wanna blog blog blog! But I have to sleep now. Shopping spree tomorrow hopefully! And Ocean Park day after! I’m such a lucky girl. =D

Need to take more more photos, so I can blog blog!